Boss of failed stockbroking firm sought business advice from psychic

The Australian Financial Review has reported that Glenn Rosewall, executive chairman of the failed stockbroking firm BBY, was consulting a psychic and ‘vibrational healer’ for at least 12 months prior to the firm’s demise, according to sources.

The AFR says it is understood that Rosewall was using the services of Nevine Rottinger “for counsel on business decisions, including corporate deals, hiring and firing decisions, and employee budgets and forecasts”.

BBY collapsed in May 2015 owing millions to clients and the St George Bank.

Rottinger (pictured above) was occasionally seen in BBY’s Sydney office with Rosewall. She runs a company called Essential Energies, and was previously resident psychic on Triple M radio.

According to Rottinger’s website, her career has “embraced the sciences, business, vibrational healing, radio psychic and teacher for spirit. Vibrational essences have always been an important part of my Energy Healer’s repertoire. In 1996 I had already been using flower essences and gem elixirs for a number of years when, I first clairvoyantly noticed Goddess energies in people’s auras.

“During the next 6 months Sam (my inner angelic guidance) taught me how to repair, activate and in some cases further develop the repertoire of Goddess energies, with which my clients habitually operated. At first I did this work ‘manually’, so to speak, during channeled healings.

“After having become more adept with this type of healing and quite familiar with a number of Goddess energies, Sam asked me to begin channeling the essence (unique energetic pattern) for each Goddess into bottles so others could access their healing without me having to be there. To retain their purity, the channelled energies bypass my personal energetics altogether.”

According to Essential Energies’ website, its “Essences and Elixirs are sourced from the vast, overriding archetypal energies which operate throughout creation. Archetypes are in fact the fundamental technology of creation. Our products are channelled vibrational essences & are more multilayered in effect than flower, shell & gem essences in most instances. They are also more powerful & long lasting in effect than many forms of energy healings & attunements generally available.

“At Essential Energies we do not believe humans need ‘fixing’ but we notice they often need re-integration (having all their soul structure aspects switched on, re-aligned & recalibrated to function more effectively.

“Though subtle & gentle the resultant energetic, mental, physical & emotional changes & the evolution which we have noted in users of our essences & elixirs are profound.”

The AFR reports that KPMG, the liquidators of BBY, identified shortfalls in the company’s client accounts that may indicate it was trading while insolvent since 2011. At time of going to press, the AFR was unable to get any comment from Rosewall, Rottinger or KPMG on the psychic claims.

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