Chiro defence of paediatric care questioned

Prof Ken Harvey has called into question statements by a Victorian AHPRA-registered chiropractor that treating young children and babies with chiropractic is perfectly safe.

Dr Glen Maginness (pictured above) published a YouTube video on May 30 titled, “Paediatric chiropractor Hits Back!” This link has now been made private but it was copied while in the public domain and is available here.

Harvey says he has sent a notification to AHPRA about the statements Maginness made in this video “which I submit breach both s.133 of the National Law, the Chiropractic Board of Australia Code of Conduct and the Board’s March 7, 2016 ‘Statement of advertising’.”

The notification includes a transcript of the video and a detailed rebuttal of the claims made.

“My colleague Malcolm Vickers and I have also submitted an additional eight notifications for all the chiropractors (including Dr Maginness) that practice at the Mt Eliza Family Chiropractic Clinic,” Harvey adds. “We believe that the claims made on the Mt Eliza Family Chiropractic Clinic website are particularly egregious and show a blatant disregard for the Chiropractic Board’s recent ‘Statement of advertising’.

“We accept that the eight chiropractors involved in the Mt Eliza Family Chiropractic Clinic are caring practitioners who genuinely believe that their interventions on paediatric patients are effective. However, belief based on disproven dogma, the selective use of poor-quality evidence, and personal experience subject to bias, is no longer an appropriate basis on which to promote and practice therapeutic interventions.”

The Mt Eliza Family Chiropractic Clinic chiropractors continue to promote and provide chiropractic treatment for conditions which the Chiropractic Board of Australia has said are unacceptable.

“We have submitted that this is both an ethical and public health issue that warrants immediate action by AHPRA and the Chiropractic Board”, Harvey says.

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