Chiropractor Floreani embroiled in fake gynaecologist case

Simon Floreani, anti-vaccine chiropractor and former president of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, has been named in court for referring one of his patients to a “fake gynaecologist”.

The patient was one of several who were allegedly sexually assaulted by the self-professed IVF specialist, Raffaele Di Paolo.

Floreani (pictured above on the right with his wife and anti-vaccination campaigner Andrew Wakefield – centre) was treating the woman for infertility despite this being outside of a chiropractor’s area of competence, and in breach of the Chiropractic Board’s Code of Conduct and several warnings from the Board.

After Floreani had failed to help the woman fall pregnant by performing chiropractic “adjustments” on her, he referred her to di Paolo, a homeopath who posed as a fertility expert. According to a report in The Age newspaper, Di Paolo supposedly earned more than $342,000 between 2006 to 2015 offering fertility treatment under the guise of being a medical practitioner.

Floreani and his chiropractor wife, Jennifer Barham-Floreani, have a long history of anti-vaccination and other non-evidence-based activism. They are regular presenters and attendees at the annual California Jam chiropractic event in the US, appearing with other anti-vaccination activists such as Wakefield and Sherri Tenpenny.

In July 2014, Floreani and three other chiropractors at his Vitality business were cautioned for having anti-vaccination paraphernalia in the Melbourne business’s waiting room.

In March 2016, it was revealed that Floreani had sneaked into a Melbourne hospital in 2000 to treat a patient with a severe spinal injury. Floreani told the hospital that he was the patient’s snowboard coach.

Floreani’s Facebook profile still features several videos in which he claims to treat colic and other conditions in babies. These conditions were recently cited by the Chiropractic Board of Australia as breaches of advertising guidelines.

His activity has been referred to the Board for action.

(Thanks to Prof Ken Harvey and blogger Reasonable Hank for information for this article.)

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  1. All of this is news to me, and I have no knowledge of the incidents and personalities involved. Does anyone else?

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