Brisbane homeopath selling sugar-based vaccines – Courier Mail report

The Brisbane Courier Mail has revelaed a Brisbane woman is selling homeopathic vaccinations or boosters for diseases including whooping cough, polio, meningococcal and malaria that have been found to be selling nothing but refined sugar.

“Homeopath Cyena Caruana markets her “homeopathic medicines” on Facebook and online and sells them as vaccination alternatives for overseas travellers, adults, children and even newborn babies for serious diseases such as whooping cough and measles,” the Courier Mail reports.

The Courier-Mail obtained Caruana’s vaccination and booster pilules for adults travelling to Morocco, Egypt and Europe from her Homeopathy at Home business. Expert pharmacists at the Queensland University of Technology then tested them, revealing them to be sugar.

“Health professionals have slammed her as grossly ­misleading and dangerous.”

Full Courier Mail report here.

3 thoughts on “Brisbane homeopath selling sugar-based vaccines – Courier Mail report”

  1. Perhaps because she’s not a fraud? This is a very inflammatory piece with obviously no understanding of homeopathy, maybe the journalist and mark could give it a try for their ailments and be surprised by it’s efficacy. how much is the govt paying drug companies for immunisations…hmmm

    1. Maddy.. I I cant sleep will a drop of coffee mixed in 100 Olympic swimming pools provide an effective treatment if given a drop at a time…. THATS HOMEOPATHY its ridiculous

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