Vic Skeptics pull off an excellent convention

Congratulations to the Vic Skeptics for an excellent convention. Spread over four days, the Australian Skeptics National Convention for 2016 covered everything from skeptical trivia to skeptical activism, via physics, logic, philosophy, ancient wisdoms, history, alt med, real med, and “poo woo”.

Centred around the Carrillo Gantner Theatre at the University of Melbourne, with additional excursions to local venues of a more informal type, international and local speakers were equally well received with the audience of close to 300 people overall appreciative of the range of topics that were presented with passion and knowledge.

From a spectator’s point of view, everything seemed to go like clockwork, though as anyone who has managed similar events will know that organisers are always running around putting out bush fires. So congrats to all of those Victorian committee members and enthusiastic volunteers who made a complex event look seamless.

A full report will be in the December issue of The Skeptic.

And the 2017 convention will be in Sydney in mid-November.

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