Strange stuff for Sydney Skeptics

A new Facebook page called Stranger Things Down Under has been set up to promote the “exploration of Sydney’s ‘Upside Down’: the weird, wacky and wonderful, from the woo you’ve always wondered about, to cool museums and quirky experiences. All with a group of fabulous like-minded Skeptics.”

The founders of the page met through Sydney’s monthly Skeptics in the Pub. “While SitP remains an important part of our skeptical calendar, we wanted to create a complementary meet-up for those of us craving a more interactive style of exploring woo. From ghost tours to spiritual fairs, from Reiki sessions to Scientologists, we’re taking a closer look at the curiouser and curiouser.”

But they’re quick to add that the “strange things” won’t just be woo. “We’ll also be planning trips to the Australian and Powerhouse Museums, stargazing at the Observatory and attending clever talks by big boffins.”

The meet-ups will be casual events. The organisers will let interested parties know in advance what the event will be, what time they’ll be showing up and where you can find them.

Stranger Things Down Under will not be organising group tickets or access at this stage, so attendees will be responsible for their own tickets where applicable. The aim of the meet-up is to explore, observe and have fun, “even where we disagree with the topic, we encourage our fellow skeptics to be respectful, open-minded and game”.

More info and registration for future events at the Facebook page.

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