Quizzing scientists in the age of alternative facts

During May, Science Nation is holding two events – one in Brisbane and one in Adelaide – titled “For the Love of Science”, designed to quiz scientists on how well science is communicated in the age of ‘alternative facts’.

The need for scientists to share what they learn with others has never been more important, so to find out how well actual facts are being shared from the source, the Science Nation is going to quiz a panel of scientists and their partners to find out just how much information is transmitted – a chance to have some fun and to learn a thing or two as love and science are put to the test.

The Brisbane event will be held at the State Library of Queensland in South Brisbane on May 24, and the Adelaide event at the Science Exchange in the city on May 31.

The Science Nation is a series of science-themed public events that are aimed to provide educational entertainment to make you laugh while you learn.

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