Pro-vaccine measures in 2017 Budget

The anti-vaccination lobby will not be pleased with the 2017 Federal Budget.

Following on its No Jab No Pay policy, the government has decided that families who fail to immunise their children and who fail to get a health check on their 4-year-olds will lose $28 a fortnight from the Family Tax Benefit.

This is part of the policy of increasing national immunisation coverage rates and improving the effectiveness of the National Immunisation Program Increase. The aim is that the immunisation coverage rates in children at 5 years of age should increase from the estimated 92.2 per cent of children immunised in 2016-17 to at least 94 per cent by 2020-21.

The Government says it will commit $14.1 million over four years through the National Immunisation Program to provide ongoing catch-up vaccines for almost 375,000 Australians aged 10 to 19 years, and more than 8000 adult refugees and humanitarian entrants.

In addition, the Government will launch a $5.5 million awareness campaign over three years to improve awareness and uptake of immunisation for children less than five years of age.

Regular reminders will be sent to parents covering the importance of immunising children and protecting public health.

10 thoughts on “Pro-vaccine measures in 2017 Budget”

  1. You blokes are going to give scientists a bad name. Neither you nor any doctor knows how each vaccine is produced, purified, activated/inactivated, how successful or not such activating actions are; the constituents of each batch, batch control and the specific molecular actions that occur in vivo from the administration of this multiple protein/adjuvant mix.
    What you do have is clinical trial results provided to you by the manufacturers. And you call yourself scientists! I am a biochemist and I would not have a clue whether vaccines are as safe as claimed and neither would you. So kindly stop this inquisition type hunt of anti vaxxers (most of whom are more correctly described as ex vaxxers). Your embarrassment will be extreme if it turns out down the line that some of the plethora of vaccines in the market are not as safe as currently believed. Leave them alone and concentrate on something more important.

    1. Last time I checked all vaccines had to be compliant with TGA regulations that ensure quality, safety and consistency. These regulations cover everything that makes up the vaccine (active and non-active components), everything that comes into contact with the vaccine during manufacturing, the manufacturing facility, etc. Did you know that?

    2. You don’t have a clue if vaccines are safe or not? You seem to have a lot to say about a subject you know nothing about.

    3. Do you know how safe a car is before you get in it? After all, you only have the manufacturers testing and results to rely on.

  2. Mr Smith, I am very old – old enough to remember when vaccines for chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, polio, flu, tetanus etc were not available. Do we really want a return to these dark ages? Do we really want a return of vast epidemics, which is what happens when there are no vaccinations? No doubt you are not vaccinated, and I suggest you do not visit a third world country.

  3. Yep, sad that vaccine pushers have become a religion of their own. In typical marxist style they force those with some remaining level of critical thinking to submit to their no-questions-asked vaccination schedule. The diseases, conditions and syndromes of modern childhood are varied and many, most didn’t exist before mass/bulk vaccination. Some come into existence a single day after vaccination, but these pro-science pushers somehow can’t see it. Denial is the first stage of this blindness, eventually you may find your own children and grandchildren suffer.

    Talk to any neurologist or rheumatologist and ask them about the many uknown “syndomes” they have no treatment for these days. They have no clue what caused them, but they aren’t allowed to investigate due to the pro-vaccine stigma attached to the medical profession.

    1. I’m tempted to regard your comment as a leg-pull, but on the off-chance that it is genuine, which diseases are you referring to when you suggest that most diseases didn’t exist before mass vaccination? Smallpox, one of the two diseases that have been eradicated by vaccination, killed hundreds of millions of people before (and during the early stages) of vaccination: “The disease killed an estimated 400,000 Europeans annually during the closing years of the 18th century (including five reigning monarchs), and was responsible for a third of all blindness.” (Wikipedia). The treatment for smallpox is the very reason we have the word “vaccination” (from “Vacca” = Latin for “cow”, using the cowpox virus as the source of the treatment for smallpox).

      1. If you were a biochemist, you would know that labs are required to report everything in a vaccine and regularly submit samples for testing. You would also know about the extensive clinical trials. Not to mention testing to determine what happens to all the ingredients in a lab animal and human body. This includes interaction with all body systems and excretion. Therehave also been multiple studies showing neither correlation nor causation for autism caused by vaccines. Studies have also shown it to be a genetic disease and is detectable in biomarkers and mri long before symptoms can appear. We have also have long term studies that show safety involving millions of kids over decades. The only study that showed a greater danger from vaccines over that of any other antigen was Wakefields study. Of course it has been proven he was trying to make a crap ton of money from his patent and his lawyers lawsuit. He also refused to replicate the study something no scientist would do.

  4. Hygiene improvements in our society eradicated and reduced wide spread diseases. Be sure to know all of the information before jumping up and down. None of us do know if they are safe or not as none of us are the scientists manufacturing the vaccinations nor doing the studies. There definitely is a no brainer about injecting (our natural immune response occurs through our breathe or skin not blood stream),”safe amounts” of some of the most deadly toxins on this planet and animals cells into our babies and children. Give everyone informed consent, develop a better safer more physiologically natural way to vaccinate!!! And include some ethics into it and there won’t be a problem in society about vaccination. Nor will there be any vaccine injured or dead children. Japan has no issues and they vaccinate…why? Because they do their homework and they care about their people more than power, politics and money. How about Malcom Turnbull do you care about your people? Or your pocket? Vaccination is also banned in certain 1st world countries around the world, why? You can guess why!

    1. Hi Jas. I agree that you need to be sure you know all of the information before jumping up and down. Unfortunately, the anti-vaccination movement does more jumping than it does looking at reliable information. All of the issues and questions you have raised are readily answered in many sources; just one is the World Health Organisation (http://www.who.int/features/qa/84/en/). One query of my own: by “natural immunity”, do you mean catching the disease, or worse, purposefully allowing children to catch diseases, such as measles? If so, then you are putting yourself and others at a higher level of risk than you would by vaccinating. – Tim Mendham, Aust Skeptics.

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