Skeptics offer help for National Convention ancillary events

Australian Skeptics Inc has put out an offer of help to any individuals or organisations interested in holding Skeptical events to run alongside the coming National Convention.

The Convention – the 33rd in a continuous series – will be held on November 18-19 2017 at the City Recital Hall, Sydney.

It is often the case that people not directly involved in the organisation of the convention wish to hold social and other events before and after the convention. In the past, these have included Skepticamp-style meetings and simply social occasions to bring together those attending the convention with interested members of the public.

Australian Skeptics Inc has said it is happy to help in whatever way it can, which might include logistical assistance or, in some cases, financial help.

Eran Segev, president of Australian Skeptics Inc, said “The aim is to make the convention more than a series of presentations in a convention hall, as interesting and informative as that might be. The social aspect of Skeptics conventions has always been a key ingredient in their appeal, so we’re happy to do whatever we can to help keep up that tradition.”

Those who wish to submit ideas should contact Tim Mendham, executive officer of Australian Skeptics Inc, on 02 8094 1894 or email

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