Anti-vax film screened at Australian National University

The Australian National University’s science department has played host to a screening of the controversial anti-vaccination film Vaxxed on Monday night.

Details of how the booking was made are yet to be made clear, but the University has stated that: “The event was a private booking. It was not an ANU event. It was not in any way endorsed by the University. Any claim made by the hirers that claims ANU endorsement is false.”

If a recent screening of the film at Miami State High School in Queensland is anything to go by, the booking may have been made under a different name.

In the Queensland case, “A Gold Coast principal was hoodwinked into hiring out his school hall for a screening of a controversial anti-vaccination documentary”, the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told the ABC.

“My preliminary advice is that there has been some misrepresentation to the school in question,” she said. “They conveyed to the principal that it was to be conveying information about organic produce.”

At ANU, the film was screened on campus in the Leonard Huxley Lecture Theatre.

The venues for screenings of the film are only given to prospective attendees a few hours before the event.

The Australian [anti]Vaccination-Skeptics Network has uploaded videos of the event. It can be heard at one stage on a video of the Q&A session following the screening of the film that they are not allowed to film the audience, though interviews with attendees are shown later.

Former AVSN president Meryl Dorey was a speaker at the ANU event, alongside anti-vax proponents Brian Hooker. Suzanne Humphries and film producer Polly Tommey.

One thought on “Anti-vax film screened at Australian National University”

  1. This reminds me on nearly the same thing happened in London on February 14th. I wrote on my (Germen) blog (on which Wakefield in Europe and Germany was a great thing) the following:

    “Well, he still managed it. As the TIMES researched, a performance of Wakefield’s cinematic excrements took place on the evening of February 14th. But what effect has been promised?

    350 cardholders, quite obviously all known by name and quickly available, were ordered into the Regent’s Park before the performance. TIMES writes:

    ‘The audience rushed into a hall on the ivy-sprawling campus of a private university – for an event that was so mysterious that not even the hospitable institution was aware of what was going to happen. The organizers had made the kind of arrangements normally used to protect Holocaust deniers or Salafist hate speech. But the event of the evening was neither David Irving nor Abu Hamza: it was an expelled doctor.’

    A great success. From the intention to make Europe’s public, and perhaps even political decision-makers, to a conspiratorial meeting among peers, so secret that the TIMES had to investigate investigatively – really very impressive. Congratulation.” (

    And just two days later:

    “Who would have thought that the connection with my actual main theme, homeopathy, and the current vaccination company is still delivered to me?

    Quackometer ( reports that the Center for Homeopathic Education (CHE), Britain’s largest sugar bakery school, has also spoken out with a powerful “mimimi” and complained about the evil repression of the true real truth with them and the meritorious immunity advocates.

    And why the now all at once? Well, it looks like the homoeopaths from the CHE have threaded the film show for Wakefield … By giving him their frame rental contract at the Regent’s university, without informing the university who would be up there. Whereupon the university terminated the framework lease agreement.

    Regent’s University’s (a private institution that is mostly American guest) has not really known what’s going on. Well, on the way, at least, they had the homoeopaths at the door.

    For all those who did not know yet: Here comes what belongs together. Everything the same fraction.” (

    How disgusting is that?

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