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The Truth about Economics … with drinks

The next Sydney Skeptics in the Pub will feature economics analyst Morgan Gardiner on “how much do we really know about economics?”

Economics likes to present itself as a science, but no other science is as tightly wound with political meaning and practice. Public debates so often centre on obscure technical questions: Should we build highways or railways? Should negative gearing be phased out? Or should income tax be lowered?

Politicians and vested interests are keen to make use of the appearance of scientific certainty to justify their preferred policies. But with so much at stake, can we afford to take their word for it?

Morgan Gardiner has a Masters of Economic Analysis and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology. He is a writer with an interest in active citizenship and the role of critical thinking in the functioning of democracy, and in between practising his trampolining skills, he has written about social science, especially economics, and political philosophy.

The SitP will be at the Occidental Hotel at Wynyard in the city, on Thursday, October 5, from 6pm. Bring yourself, your friends, and your economic theories.

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