Surfing on Gravity Waves – a new means of space travel?

Ian Bryce, physicist, rocket scientist, and Skeptics challenge co-ordinator, proposes a new means of intergalactic travel by using the newly discovered gravity waves.

This will be the topic of his presentation at the next Sydney Skeptics in the Pub, November 2 from 6.30pm at the Occidental Hotel, York St, in the city.

In science fiction movies such as Star Trek and Interstellar, the producers have to bend physics beyond recognition in order to get their characters to interesting faraway places. Ian’s proposed means of intergalactic travel has the potential to enable a spacecraft to cross the Milky Way, and even visit other galaxies, with an elapsed on-board time of only years.

He says that instruments and telescopes would enable addressing the Big Questions regarding the origins and structure of the universe, and possibly the multiverse.

With one foot in solid physics, this idea (if confirmed) is potentially available to an advanced race of aliens or humans who have already developed interstellar travel. For science fiction, it is an improvement over the warp drives and wormholes currently required.

Ian has created and presented many space subjects for universities, and lectured for seven years at the University of New South Wales.

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