Skeptics’ social media & community manager position

Australian Skeptics Inc is on the hunt for a part-time Social Media & Community Manager dedicated to finding creative and effective ways to engage current and potential supporters, and spark online dialogue about science, reason and critical thinking. This position starts out with a three-month probation, and may potentially lead to a part-time position for the right candidate.

We anticipate that the role will require approximately 15 hours per week. Considering the nature and immediacy of social media, that time would not be in single blocks; rather it would require on-going activity spread across the available time as necessary.

Remuneration is $480 p/w, negotiable depending on the range of activities undertaken. Sydney-based applicants preferred.

To qualify for the role, you must be familiar with skepticism and rational thinking, and ideally already be a dedicated supporter of ASI and its goals.

Australian Skeptics is a loose confederation of groups across Australia that investigate paranormal and pseudoscientific claims from a responsible scientific viewpoint. You will be working for ASI, the Sydney-based committee that coordinates activities across NSW, as well as nationally.

Tasks and responsibilities:
• Areas of social media that will need covering by the SMM will include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and where relevant Instagram, Pinterest, Linked-In, Google+ and any other areas defined as social media as necessary or as they arise.
• Creating a social media management plan with defined KPIs.
• Regularly creating and scheduling content for ASI Facebook and Twitter accounts, including content related to ASI activities, events, and the magazine, in collaboration with ASI Executive Officer.
• Ensuring live social media coverage of ASI events (such as Skeptics in the Pub and Skeptics conventions) as necessary.
• Moderating social media comments, fostering discussion, responding to messages on behalf of ASI.
• Growing the ASI brand online.
• Expanding ASI social media presence by engaging and maintaining new audiences (includes identifying new platforms to reach a younger demographic).
• Tracking and reporting on ASI social media activity.

Essential skills and attributes required:
• A demonstrated interest in science, skepticism, and critical thinking
• Experience with social media management and audience engagement.
• A clear understanding of social media marketing.
• Serious attention to detail.
• Creative, innovative and self-motivated with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Preferred, but non-essential skills:
• Some experience in PR and community management.
• Experience in copywriting and editing.

This is an excellent part-time role for someone with a flexible schedule who is passionate about spreading reason, scientific thinking and rationality in Australia. To apply, please send a cover letter outlining how your experience and interests are relevant to this position, along with your CV.

Correspondence should be sent to Tim Mendham, ASI executive officer,

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