ASI statement on sexual harassment at Skeptics events

Recent coverage in mainstream and social media of claims of sexual harassment at Skeptical events has highlighted a serious consideration for Skeptical groups around Australia and the world.
In this country, most Skeptics groups have formulated codes of conduct, primarily for events such as convention and social meetings.
With regard to the current highly-publicised claims re Prof Lawrence Krauss, Australian Skeptics Inc (ASI) notes that during the 2016 Australian Skeptics National convention, a female attendee informally told several other attendees that she was the subject of unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature. She was encouraged to report this to the organisers and lodge a formal complaint, but chose not to take it further in any way. Out of respect for her wishes, no further action was taken.
ASI and the various skeptical groups around Australia take the issue of harassment (sexual or otherwise) very seriously. We have behaviour policies in place and robust processes that ensure that any complaint is dealt with immediately and appropriately. We also do not invite speakers whose behaviour we suspect could cause attendees or other speakers to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or threatened.
In that context, and based on what we know, ASI will not be inviting Prof Krauss to any events in the foreseeable future.

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