Aust Skeptics campaigns and investigations – have your say

Australian Skeptics Inc is regularly involved in a range of campaigns and investigations, some of which have been well-publicised (like the investigation of the PowerBalance wrist band), and others that are on-going and still under wraps.

We have a sub-committee dedicated to special investigations, headed up by noted Skeptic Richard Saunders, who has been running investigations into everything from ghosts and ghoulies to quack medical treatments for some time.

We also have ad hoc committees devoted to specific campaigns – positive ones such as our recent vaccination and blood donor drives, and more critical ones that proactively respond to the promotion of woo and pseudoscience, such as events put on by anti-vaccination proponents and those pushing unproven and disproven alternative medical practices.

In many cases we act in concert with other groups and individuals who are running their own programs, whether in Australia or overseas.

We always welcome suggestions for new action items, whether a person or organisation that needs looking into, or one that needs bringing to the attention of authorities, the media, and the public.

This is your chance to get involved. Feel free to contact us with tips and suggestions. You might also like to add your own active contribution and play a part in the campaign and/or investigation itself.

We will be setting up a dedicated online page for this, but in the meantime you can make your voice heard by writing to us at

3 thoughts on “Aust Skeptics campaigns and investigations – have your say”

  1. I would put forward investigating the Organic Certification Industry. These private companies are auditing to their own ‘standards’ (sometime in collusion with international partners and some Government Departments) that have little to no basis in science. The industry preys on the unfounded fears of consumers regards ‘product safety’, where more than adequate standards and testing exist. All this while never carrying out any actual product tests during their audit processes.

  2. I would like to suggest persuading Facebook to have a means of reporting faux medical advice posts. No such possiblity exists currently and, as it’s one of the ways such damaging news spreads most quickly, I think it’d be very valuable.

    Uncritical acceptance of anecdotal evidence as scientifically proven. No data. No independent
    evidence for assertions of doctor or interviewees.Please note the photo proffered by the psychiatrists patient as evidence of abuse. It is in fact a stock photo from Getty Images. How they expected to pass this off? The continued acceptance of ongoing/satanic/organised abuse needs to be exposed as hoax and fantasy. The ABC is aware that the image is false but have chosen not to remove it as the word of someone claiming abuse is evidence enough of truth. Shameless and egregious. Does disservice to real survivors of trauma who get little enough press as it is.

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