Aust Skeptics Inc statement on climate change

In 2010, Australian Skeptics Inc. released a statement about the troubling use of the term “Skeptics” or “Sceptics” in the context of climate science.

We now expand our position on so-called “climate change scepticism”.

After more than 60 years of research, the agreement among scientists is that the climate is changing and that this change is mostly human-induced. The agreement is as strong as that concerning evolution and the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Among experts, disagreement about the core elements is almost non-existent*.

Scientists have been cautious in their assessment of the evidence. Over time, most observations have turned out to be in the worst-case range of predictions**. A far cry from the alarmism climate scientists are often accused of.

It is not just scientists that treat climate change as a real and serious threat. Organisations around the world, from militaries to food manufacturers and insurance companies, are factoring the scientific predictions into their planning.

From a practical perspective, we can – indeed we must – take climate change and its human causes as fact.

ASI views climate change scepticism as a form of denialism. Like creationism and anti-vaccination rhetoric, it ignores the experts in the relevant fields, and engages in conspiratorial thinking.

ASI recognises anthropogenic climate change as a pressing global concern. We urge individuals, organisations and governments to prioritise limiting greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate their negative effects.

* Cook, J., Oreskes, N., Doran, P. T., Anderegg, W. R., Verheggen, B., Maibach, E. W., Carlton, J. S., Lewandowsky, S., Skuce, A. G., Green, S. A., & Nuccitelli, D. (2016). Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming. Environmental Research Letters, 11(4), 048002.
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2 thoughts on “Aust Skeptics Inc statement on climate change”

  1. Unfortunately the denial mentality is not just limited to those denying climate change per se, it has infected those who just cannot grasp that their proposed solutions often do not work

    This form of denial of reality is even more dangerous. One can work round the Climate Change Denial problem only if the proposed solutions are practical. Renewables, where there is no possibility of abundant hydro to support them, simply cannot do the job. Where they fail it is the fossil fuel generators that come back on line. We are getting nowhere.

    Denying a problem is bad enough. Blocking the solution is potentially fatal. Intermittent power sources are dysfunctional without 100% hydro or fuel based backup. The Renewables lobby misinforms in order to create a large number of fanatical adherents who have been conditioned to accept the misinformation fed to them, and operate on the basis of desire and emotion

    In a practical sense the cause of Climate Change is the failure to recognise and act on the need to move from combustion fuel sources to nuclear power. Climate Change need never have happened had the encouragement and will been there to set up a nuclear power cycle that was safe, properly monitored, and kept in a permanent condition of safe modernisation, moving constantly with the technology itself

    We can put all this right – but we need to do so quickly and thoroughly, and in a well organised international catch-up manner

    As I write this students worldwide are demonstrating to demand paying attention to Climate Change. Two hearty cheers for they are still being fed absolute nonsense in relation to the possibilities of wind and solar power.

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