Sydney Skeptics in the Pub – June 6 – Metafact

On June 6, the regular monthly Sydney Skeptics in the Pub event features Dr Ben McNeil, founder of Metafact, on the new website that offers expert responses to fact-checking questions on scientific topics.

Finding the truth on the internet is difficult. Access to information is not the problem anymore – we’re all drowning in it. But in our daily feed of headlines, search links or social media posts, how do we know the difference between fact and opinion? It’s simply too hard.

McNeil says that, “To solve this, we have launched a different kind of web platform called Metafact to help people find trusted answers and evidence from real scientists and experts.”

In this talk, McNeil will introduce some background on the problem of internet scientific misinformation, their approach to helping solve the problem and how you can use Metafact to help find the truth to science and health questions.

McNeil is a long-time climate scientist from the University of New South Wales with expertise in data science, who has led a team of engineers and scientists to build Metafact in 2017 to help the world find a more trusted place for knowledge on the internet.

The event will be held at the Occidental Hotel, 43 York St, Sydney (near Wynyard Park), from 6pm on Thursday, June 6.


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