Call to action on anti-vaccination bus tour

Australian Skeptics has issued a warning and call to action to Australian media, medical professionals, and local councils regarding the current anti-vaccination ‘revival’ tour of rural and regional Australia:

Delivers COVID-19 Conspiracies and Bad Advice

The so-called “VAXXED” bus is currently touring Australia, spreading misinformation about vaccination at local ‘revival-style’ meetings, often in regional venues owned or managed by local councils or schools. This big black bus carries the logo of the “Australian Vaccination-risks Network” (AVN), an organisation whose leaders have:
● Claimed COVID-19 is nothing more than a bad cold.(1)
● Encouraged people to take photos in hospitals to show COVID-19 is not serious.(2)
● Discouraged face masks for COVID-19 and stated temperature testing is crazy and stupid.(3)
● Likened vaccination to rape.(4)
● Claimed microchips could be injected into the population via vaccines.(5)
● Promoted the falsehood that contrails from aircraft – which they call “Chemtrails” – are used to poison the population.(6)
● Spread the discredited falsehood that vaccines lead to autism.(7)
● Propagated the myth that SIDS and the fatal injuries suffered by some babies who were shaken to death are really the results of vaccines.(8)

With the recent resurgence of COVID-19 in parts of the country, now is not the time to have anyone spread disinformation about the pandemic or vaccine preventable diseases. It is clear from their own statements that the organisers of this tour do not take the threat of COVID-19 seriously.

In 2014, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission issued a public warning against this organisation, stating in part:

Warning – The Commission has established that AVN does not provide reliable information in relation to certain vaccines and vaccination more generally. The Commission considers that AVN’s dissemination of misleading, misrepresented and incorrect information about vaccination engenders fear and alarm and is likely to detrimentally affect the clinical management or care of its readers.(9)

MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Should be aware that the VAXXED Bus may be visiting their area. This will mean that current and potential patients may be exposed to dangerous misinformation that can have deleterious if not fatal consequences. Anti-vaccine messages should be actively resisted, and we encourage local medical professionals to take a stand on this issue, either via local media, social media or whatever public avenues exist in their area.

MEDIA: We advise the media to take great care when covering the VAXXED Bus and the Australian Vaccination-risks Network. They use the tactic of “tell both sides of the story”, also known as “False Balance”, a misrepresentation that the ABC’s Media Watch has covered with regard to this organisation in 2012(10). The media are advised to focus on the more bizarre conspiracy theories propagated, but are under no obligation to give this group the oxygen they seek.

LOCAL COUNCILS: Should consider very carefully the possible consequences of hiring out venues to this organisation. With parts of regional Australia recording a worrying low level of vaccination in a time of a global pandemic, encouraging parents not to vaccinate their children is irresponsible.

“We have one of the safest outcomes when it comes to preventable diseases in the world, because of our strong immunisation program, and anti-vaxxers should just butt out. Vaccination has saved lives, it’s safe, it’s effective and anyone that tried to create any other discussion against it is really trying to harm the Australian public”
– Australian Medical Association President Dr Tony Bartone (Radio 2GB 20/04/2020)

“…there has been somewhat of an upsurge in paranoid and sort of unhinged behaviours.”
– AMA state president (SA) Dr Chris Moy (ABC NEWS 21/05/2020)

“It is concerning that the reports that I have received are that some people believe that coronavirus is a conspiracy or that it won’t impact on them.”
– Victoria’s Health Minister Jenny Mikakos (7 News July 2020)


1. The Australian Vaccination-risks Network is one group which has moved to downplay the significance of coronavirus, with spokeswoman Meryl Dorey saying the virus “is just the common cold”. “The cold can kill anyone if they’re sick to begin with and coronavirus is no different,” she said on a Facebook video on Sunday. She said people have been “fooled” by a “fear campaign on the silly sheep media”.

2. Dorey questioned the COVID-19 pandemic saying: “Are you being lied to?” Requesting that followers “take your phones and pop into the local hospital” and “Let us know how crowded it is — or is not. Is coronavirus really overwhelming our nation or is our nation overwhelming us with lies and killing our economy and us?”
Hansen, Jane (3 April 2020). “Anti-vaxxers deny COVID-19 pandemic, urge others to ignore isolation advice”. The Sunday Telegraph. Sydney NSW.

3. On Face Masks for COVID-19: “… a piece of cheese cloth… something with lots and lots of holes in it is the best to wear.”
On Temperature Testing for COVID-19: “…. temperature testing, that’s just crazy….” “It is so stupid. It just shows the extent of stupidity that our government, our medical community and our media are displaying.”
Meryl Dorey, Under the Wire – (49min 20sec mark)

4. A controversial anti-vaccination group has likened vaccines that prevent disease to rape, drawing condemnation even from some its own supporters.

5. “The next and most logical step is the use of microchips which will contain all of the same information contained on smart cards but which will be injected into us and read and updated from a distance.”

6. “The number of chemtrails sprayed over the #CDCWhistleblower #VAXtruth rally was shocking! Many of the protesters were sickened. Stop it NOW!”
Twitter @nocompulsoryvac – 1:15am – 27 Oct 2016

7. Meryl Dorey: “All vaccinations in the medical literature have been linked with the possibility of causing autism, not just the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine.”

8. Anti-vaxxers come up with their most abhorrent lie yet. – “So Shaken Baby Syndrome again, like SIDS, is a waste basket. It is a way of blaming the family for what may have been caused by the medical community.”

9. The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission – Public statement – warning about the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Inc. (‘AVN’), formerly known as Australian Vaccination Network Inc.

10. False balance leads to confusion (Media Watch ABC October 2012)

For reliable information about COVID-19:
For reliable information about vaccination:

6 thoughts on “Call to action on anti-vaccination bus tour”

  1. Agree with the whole article, but have to ask, what kind of school would rent space to this organisation? Public schools are pro-vaccination so are we talking about private schools? Is there a list of schools that have rented space to them?

    1. With the earlier Vaxxed tour three years ago, some of the venues said they were mislead about the nature of the function, assuming it was pro-vaccination or even just a health discussion. At the time it was suggested that, at least for one venue, Miami State High School in Queensland, the booking may have been made under a different name. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told the ABC that “A Gold Coast principal was hoodwinked into hiring out his school hall for a screening of a controversial anti-vaccination documentary. My preliminary advice is that there has been some misrepresentation to the school in question. They conveyed to the principal that it was to be conveying information about organic produce.”
      Another venue for that tour was a lecture theatre in the Australian National University’s science department.
      Australian Skeptics wants to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen this year. Attendees are often told of the specific venue only a few hours before the event. However, the appearance of a large black bus with “Vaxxed” written on the side should be a giveaway. – Tim Mendham, Aust Skeptics Inc

  2. Why Nicole? Want to be a Karen and contact all those schools and whine? Pathetic! And what an abhorrent piece of schlock irresponsible journalism if you could call it that, you morons are free to take whatever you want but have absolutely no right to enforce or bully others to do the same, if you weren’t so damaged yourselves you’d educate yourselves instead of being proud of accepting the fact you’ve been indoctrinated like the fools you are, sheep not critical thinkers and the research is ALL there to prove how deadly they are, btw SIDS IS VIDS… biggest money spinner since daffodil day..enjoy your suicide masks, also proven to be useless and potentially deadly, your DNA altering vaccines and micro dot tattoo implant courtesy of a man who “identifies” as a Dr, Gates is a EUGENISIST and has been kicked out of India and Africa and is currently under investigation and being sued for killing and maiming thousands of girls in those countries, WAKE UP IDIOTS

    1. Wow! Is what you’re saying true? Can you clarify about these virus photos. It only took a few minutes searching to find numerous clear photos of viruses. The other thing that I’m a bit surprised by is the claim all disease is caused by vitamin deficiency. I’m a chef, my partner’s a dietitian and I believe we eat the best possible and a wide variety of good food everyday. This has never made us immune to many diseases. It just doesn’t make sense really. I’d like to take your arguments seriously but it seems you haven’t really questioned these claims properly. I would’ve thought anyone spruiking their concerns to others would want to be sure that what they are saying is true. Otherwise, great letter

  3. You have been deceived by the media, government, pharmaceutical companies and doctors. It has been known for at least 150 years that germs do not cause disease. This was proven by a biologist by the name of Antoine Bechamp. He was a contemporary of Louis Pasteur. It was proven that germs are the result of a disease and are not the cause of it. Recent technology and understanding of vitamins has further confirmed this information. Disease is unnatural and doesn’t occur by itself in nature. Humans have strayed from nature by growing cereal crops to store for the winter period when foods are scarce. Unfortunately, there is a hidden cost in eating grain food. When plants make a seed they add toxic chemicals and sharp edges to discourage foraging animals from eating grass seeds and some tree seeds. When animals eat grain seeds the toxic chemicals and sharp edges irritate the gut causing inflammation of the gut lining. (leaky gut syndrome) This causes gaps in the gut lining to expand which allows gut bacteria and food material to enter the blood stream. Also, grain is deficient in vitamins which humans need. Grain is a high octane fuel designed for birds. When humans eat grain it causes an acceleration of their metabolic rate and a small increase in body temperature. A doctor would call this a fever. But this fever is not caused by germs, but by fast digesting sugars from grain, milk and refined sugar sources. This is the true cause of 99% of all human disease. Note – Junk food causes disease, not germs. That’s why coronavirus mostly occurs on cruise ships, nursing homes, theme parks and fast food outlets.
    There is only one human disease which is called vitamin deficiency disease. There are not thousands of different diseases.
    There is no such thing as viruses. I know, because I have worked in an electron microscope unit where I learnt how to use all the equipment. I also learnt about the electron microscope’s limitations as well. An electron microscope wouldn’t be able to find a ‘virus,’ if in fact; they did exist. You can’t photograph what you can’t find. All alleged photos of viruses are blurry images. Why? This is a deliberate deception because viruses don’t exist, so they have to make the photos unclear so that nobody can see that the photos are of cell debris and are not photos of viruses. The electron microscope can see individual atoms so there can be no excuse for not having clear and precise images of so-called ‘viruses’. The average age of people dying from so called ‘COVID 19’ is 79.5 years of age. Yet the average life expectancy is also 79.5 years of age. Thus, there has been no decrease in life expectancy which means nothing has changed. Diseases like heart attack and influenza are renamed COVID 19, so don’t be fooled by medical and government officials who hope to gain profit, power, money and population control from this huge global scam. Help to stop this medical system dictatorship. Sign petitions against forced vaccinations. References – Virus Mania by Torsten Engelbrecht and The Medical Racket by Wade Frazier.

  4. If anybody can donate a bus I will gladly follow the Vaxxed bus everywhere, I’m sure there are a lot of like-minded souls out there that have had enough of this and are willing to help spread some facts. If somebody has already planned something similar let me know.

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