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Australian Skeptics Inc (ASI) receives no government funding. We deploy a huge unpaid voluntary effort and we run a lean operation, but we do have expenses. These exceed our main regular source of income, which comes from magazine subscriptions.

We are very proud of our activities and achievements. These range from the ongoing administration of ASI (the second oldest Skeptical group in the world) and production of The Skeptic magazine (also the second longest-running in the world). We also make grants for research, student activity and state-based activities. And as you can see from the magazine and our website, the work rate is always increasing.

The Australian Skeptics Science & Education Foundation Ltd (ASSEF) has covered any financial shortfall. But we can’t count on that forever. You can help us to achieve our aims. Whatever financial support you can give will make a difference and help us to get more done.

You can make a single donation, or set up donations to happen automatically on a monthly basis.

Alternatively, you may wish to make a bequest in your will to support the work of Australian Skeptics Inc or the Australian Skeptics Science & Education Foundation. Download our information leaflet on how to format such a bequest.

(Please note, ASI is not a charity. This means donations are not tax-deductible. We sometimes criticise government policy and that of recognised charities, so we have decided not to apply for charity status.)

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