Australian Skeptics Inc has a history of supporting various programs around Australia that promote our aims. The Australian Skeptics Grant Program seeks to identify and support worthy organisations, individuals, and events.

The following are the kinds of projects previously funded by the Australian Skeptics Inc:

  • Events
  • Prizes
  • Talks
  • Scientific research
  • Speakers costs
  • Operating costs

We are committed to increasing and fostering the cooperation of like-minded groups across various subject areas. Grant applicants should consider teaming up not just with Australian Skeptics, but also with other organisations undertaking the same or similar activities to broaden their impact. We give a higher weighting to grant applications that include multiple organisations working together.

Grant applications must be submitted in the format set out below. Applicants must provide all of the information requested. Should an applicant determine that one of the questions is not relevant to their project they should provide reasons as to why this is the case.

Please note that grant requests may be approved in full, partially, or not at all. If the application is not approved in full, Australian Skeptics Inc will aim to provide reasons for the decisions. When a grant is approved, whether in full or in part, it may come with some conditions attached. Examples of possible conditions are:

  • Activities for which the funding may or may not be used.
  • Provide reports of the activities of the recipient, with an emphasis on the use of the grant money.
  • Promotion of Australian Skeptics Inc.
  • Promotion of subscriptions to The Skeptic magazine.

The following forms may be used by both organisations and individuals please fill in/answer the questions which apply to your situation: