Inclusivity and diversity

We are committed to the presence and contributions of all persons, regardless of age, culture, abilities, ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious background, etc. We believe that prejudice and discrimination are detrimental to the growth of a rich and vibrant skeptical community. We know that communities are filled with diverse participants, and that supporting the visibility of such diversity enhances the experiences of all community members.

As such, this organisation values inclusiveness and the maintenance of a safe and accountable space for all participants. We also know that marginalised people are often targets for scams and charlatans, and as our vision is for “a society that makes decisions based on evidence, reason and critical thinking”, then these vulnerable groups must be considered in our activities.

Maintaining a safe and accountable environment means that we commit to treating each other with respect and care. It also means that we hold each other and ourselves accountable by acknowledging and appreciating the diversity of voices and experiences within our community and commit to ensuring that all are welcome at Australian Skeptics events.