Our Goals

The following Vision, Mission and Aims were adopted by Australian Skeptics Inc following a long period of consultation and debate in 2015 and 2016.


A society that makes decisions based on evidence, reason and critical thinking.


Australian Skeptics Inc will advocate critical thinking and scientific reasoning. It will investigate and provide information on specific paranormal or pseudoscientific claims, and on methods for assessing such claims. It will play a key role in rational and intelligent public discourse on science and medicine, and serve as a hub for skeptical activities in Australia.


  1. To publicly advocate for evidence-based and rational decision making and policy development by individuals, as well as government, statutory bodies, and other organisations.
  2. To investigate claims of pseudoscientific, paranormal and anomalous phenomena from a responsible, scientific point of view.
  3. To counter misleading and deceptive claims regarding science and medicine, and advocate for consumer rights in these areas.
  4. To serve as a hub for the media regarding dubious claims and to encourage the media to investigate and report on such claims responsibly.
  5. To support organisations and individuals who share and promote the goals of Australian Skeptics Inc.
  6. To stimulate rational inquiry and the quest for truth, wherever they lead.


Our previous Aims are available for reference purposes.