Previous Aims

The following aims were drafted in 1989 following discussion among skeptical groups from around Australia. In time, the scientific, political and skeptical environments have changed enough that they were deemed to be no longer representative of the actual focus of skeptical organisations in general, and Australian Skeptics Inc in particular. Nonetheless, their general thrust is still relevant, so they are provided here for interest and reference.

The aims of Australian Skeptics are:

  • To investigate claims of pseudoscientific, paranormal and similarly anomalous phenomena from a responsible, scientific point of view.
  • To publicise the results of these investigations and, where appropriate, to draw attention to the possibility of natural and ordinary explanations of such phenomena.
  • To accept explanations and hypotheses about paranormal occurrences only after good evidence has been adduced, which directly or indirectly supports such hypotheses.
  • To encourage Australians and the Australian news media to adopt a critical attitude towards paranormal claims and to understand that to introduce or to entertain a hypothesis does not constitute confirmation or proof of that hypothesis.
  • To stimulate inquiry and the quest for truth, wherever it leads.

These aims will be pursued by:

  • Establishing a network of people interested in critically examining claims of the paranormal,
  • Publishing a periodical, the Skeptic and distributing relevant information.
  • Publishing articles, monographs and books that examine claims of the paranormal.
  • Maintaining a library.
  • Preparing a bibliography of relevant published material.
  • Encouraging and commissioning research by objective and impartial inquirers.
  • Conducting meetings, seminars and conferences.
  • Acting as a public information resource by making informed members and relevant expertise available to the news media and other interested groups.

The sceptical attitude involves:

  • Seeking all relevant evidence concerning any extraordinary or putative paranormal event, claim or theory.
  • Keeping an open mind and not rejecting paranormal claims a priori.
  • Refusing to accept as true theories and explanations for which there is insufficient or ambiguous evidence and recognising that withholding belief is a preferable position to accepting claims for which there is insufficient evidence.
  • In seeking explanations, to prefer the ordinary to the extraordinary, the natural to the supernatural and the simple to the complex.