Scientific literacy low priority for CAM practitioners

Report says alt med practitioners need financial skills and the ability to sell ideas and products more than actually knowing…

Tim Mendham

Guts in the pub – Sydney SitP February 1

Have you ever had a gut feeling about your health? The next Skeptics in the Pub meeting in Sydney on…

Tim Mendham

Skeptical community delivers in campaign for Britt Marie Hermes

Initial goal of A$80,000 has been raised for Hermes’ defamation case.


Vale – Barry Williams

We say goodbye to one of the truly great characters of Australian skepticism.

Tim Mendham

Public hearing on TGA amendments – January 24, Canberra

Concerns about the promotion of pseudoscience and industry capture with new TGA system that abolishes pre-publication verification of ads

Tim Mendham

Skeptics’ social media & community manager position

Part-time position available with Australian Skeptics Inc to promote skepticism and critical thinking

Tim Mendham

Vale – Colin Groves

The sad passing of one of the great characters of Australian Skeptics, scourge of the Creationists, an internationally leading anthropologist,…

Tim Mendham

Beasties in the Pub

Documentary filmmaker Samuel Hutchinson on Yowies, aliens and assorted strange things – Sydney Skeptics in the Pub, December 7

Tim Mendham

Anti-vaxxer Meryl Dorey on the hunt for $$$

Former head of anti-vax group trying to raise money for webinars while investigation into AVSN fund-raising continues

Tim Mendham

United action by Skeptics on anti-vax presentation – Sydney Council under fire

Swift action by the Skeptical community has resulted in the delisting of an anti-vax promotion

Tim Mendham