Sydney dinner- April 9 – The evolution of anti-evolutionism

First Skeptics dinner in Sydney for 2016 on the return of creationism in science classes

Chiro v GP – who’s more qualified?

Chiropractors want to be the first port of call for healthcare, but how do their qualifications stack up against those of GPs?

Bent Spoon nomination for ABC Catalyst

TV program on supposed dangers of wi-fi radiation heavily weighted to scare tactics

Queensland childcare operator says “no jab, can play”

Queensland’s biggest childcare organisation will not ban children who are not vaccinated.

Five years to bring Nurofen “specific” pain killer to heel

The Federal Court has found claims made by the manufacturer of Nurofen Specific Pain products are misleading … five years after they were first brought to public attention.

Chickenpox outbreak at “tolerant” Victorian school

As many as 25 per cent of students catch chickenpox at school where “a range of opinions are accommodated”, including non-vaccination

Uni study finds some TCM ingredients illegal or dangerous

Tests find some traditional Chinese medicines contain pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and endangered animals, including snow leopards

The psychic silly season is here!

More than 95 per cent of psychics’ New Year predictions are wrong.

TV doctor joins ASI committee

Dr Brad McKay of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under new committee member of Australian Skeptics Inc

Dead seer’s predictions promoted in News online

Here’s an embarrassing story from, about a long-dead Bulgarian prophetess who appeared to have seen ISIS coming