The psychic silly season is here!

More than 95 per cent of psychics’ New Year predictions are wrong.

TV doctor joins ASI committee

Dr Brad McKay of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under new committee member of Australian Skeptics Inc

Dead seer’s predictions promoted in News online

Here’s an embarrassing story from, about a long-dead Bulgarian prophetess who appeared to have seen ISIS coming

NZ Bent Spoon to Pharmacy Council

The New Zealand Pharmacy Council has proposed changes to its code of ethics to allow the sale of unproven treatments

No Jab No Pay legislation passed

The Senate has given final approval to the no jab no pay legislation to make vaccination essential to receive some government family benefits.

Review on health fund rebate for alt med – too hard basket

A government review of a range of natural therapies has found that they lack evidence of clinical efficacy, but the amount of the rebate paid is not worth the effort of withdrawing it.

Dorey plugs anti-vax money raiser

Former Australian Vaccination Network president call for pledges to fight No Jab No Pay legislation in the High Court.

Senate committee report recommends ‘no jab no pay’ bill be passed

The committee looking into plans to increase vaccination via limiting access to social services payments gives its nod to the amended legislation.

Skeptics award winner is 2016 WA Young Australian of the Year

Catherine Hughes, who set up the Light for Riley Facebook page with her husband Greg in honour of their four-week-old son who died of whooping cough, has been named 2016 WA Young Australian of the Year. As recently as October, the Hughes were given the Australian Skeptics’ Thornett Award for…

Edzard Ernst wins ‘science defender’ prize

Leading critic of alt med gets John Maddox Prize for “standing up for science”