Edzard Ernst wins ‘science defender’ prize

Leading critic of alt med gets John Maddox Prize for “standing up for science”

Qld allows childcare centres to ban non-vaccinated kids

State governments continue move toward universal “no jab no play” regulatio

Raw milk ‘not for sale’ in sham scheme

Farmers bypass conviction on a technicality but sent for retrial.

No Jab No Pay inquiry flooded by anti-vax submissions

Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network claims conspiracies from those in favour of vaccination

Chiropractic Board fails the tooth test

Australian Skeptics Inc’s concern over powerless standards

Bent Spoon to celebrity chef Pete Evans

Annual ‘piffle’ award goes to paleo-diet and pseudomedicine promoter, Pete Evans.

Homeopathy Plus faces huge penalties in ACCC case

Fran Sheffield, owner of pro-homeopathy website, is faced with hundreds of thousands in penalties and costs for anti-vaccine stance

Legal victory for Steve Novella

SGU founder is finally exonerated in long-running libel suit over neurology claims

Laundry ball wins Shonky award

Choice says pseudotech clothes cleaner is no better than water

Popoff pops up in the UK

Debunked faith healer has returned from the dead with healing and debt-reducing sessions