Does chiro Jennifer Barham-Floreani support death threats?

Barham-Floreani thanks “compelling offers to take out” critics

AC Grayling talk in Sydney for Humanists – limited tickets

AC Grayling – philosopher, humanist, atheist, author, academic, college founder, and ‘man of the left’ – is touring Australia in August and September 2016. He will finish his tour with a special Sydney appearance for the Humanist movement, presented under the auspices of the Humanist Society of NSW and the…

Sydney dinner Sept 24 – Wisdom of the Ancients

Dr Lynne Kelly on traditional indigenous and ancient memory techniques of non-literate cultures.

ANZAAS medal for Ken Harvey

One of Australia’s leading campaigners against pseudo medicine is awarded the prestigious science medal.

Government U-turn on CSIRO climate science

Science Minister and PM reverse at least some of CSIRO’s February announcement

Chiropractor charged with false advertising

AHPRA charges unnamed NSW chiro with misleading advertising

Brisbane homeopath selling sugar-based vaccines – Courier Mail report

Brisbane homeopath Cyena Caruana selling vaccinations and boosters made from refined sugar

Chiropractor Floreani embroiled in fake gynaecologist case

Simon Floreani referred a patient following his failed treating her for infertility.

Skeptics survey: party policies for Federal election

In a survey of a range of topics of interest to Skeptics, only the Australian Sex Party responded in full.