Cochrane negative review of omega-3 rebutted … and the rebuttal rebutted

A Cochrane review of research into the health effects of omega-3 has been attacked by a board member of the National Heart Foundation and by supplements company Blackmores as “fake science”. But that attack has now itself been rebutted by the lead author of the Cochrane review, who outlines the…

Naturopath banned for life following baby’s near-death

Marilyn Bodnar, an “extreme diet” naturopath who was acquitted of a manslaughter charge in 1987 when one of her clients starved themselves to death on a water-only diet, has now been banned for life from “providing any health service in any capacity, either paid or voluntary”. The Permanent Prohibition Order…

NZ Skeptics conference – November 16-18, Auckland

This year’s NZ Skeptics Conference is on the weekend of November 16-18 in Auckland, located at Butterfly Creek near Auckland International Airport, where the entire conference takes place. Events kick off on the Friday evening with a conference welcome and skeptically themed pub quiz. There’s a full day of speakers…

Possibility of sign language interpretation at Skepticon

Australian Skeptics Inc is concerned to ensure that all people are able to express their ‘skepticality’ and make the most of skeptical activities. With that in mind, we are considering including Auslan sign language interpreters on stage during Skepticon, the 2018 Australian Skeptics National Convention in October. We would like…

Speaker changes at 2018 Skepticon convention

Good news is Scibabe is in; sad news is that Sawbones can’t make it.

OAM to Skeptic Dr Peter Arnold

Long time Skeptic awarded Queen’s birthday medal, proudest of helping people in emergencies with coronary ambulance service.

Sexual harassment at Skeptics events

A statement from Australian Skeptics Inc

Govt rejects recommendation on homeo products in pharmacies

King Review recommended that complementary medicines be separated on pharmacy shelves and homeopathic products barred