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Teaching the basics of skepticism can be grounded in everyday decision making

Naturopath O’Neill banned for life

HCCC finds Barbara O’Neill misleading vulnerable people with cancer and anti-vax claims

Vale: Skeptic and psychic debunker Robert Lancaster

Robert Lancaster, noted American skeptical activist who created the website Stop Sylvia Browne, died on September 7 following a long illness from a stroke in 2008 and heart attack in 2011. In 2008, Lancaster launched the website devoted to debunking clams made by ‘psychic’ Sylvia Browne. His investigations revealed many…

NHMRC releases 2012 draft homeopathy report

2012 report subject of conspiracy theories from homeopathy supporters

Leaflet on moon landings

Australian Skeptics has produced a new flyer on the Moon landings and the claims that the events were fakes. This is a handy document to give to anyone who claims that a hoax has been perpetrated by hundreds of thousands of conspirators. You can download a copy of the flyer:…

Ask Dr Karl – Sydney Skeptics in the Pub, July 4

A special Q&A session of the Sydney Skeptics in the Pub will be held on July with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, one of Australia’s leading science communicators. The “Ask Dr Karl” session is guaranteed to be a fun evening. Because of the expected numbers, bookings are essential. You can book at…

Free speech in The Skeptic – June issue out now

The June 2019 issue of The Skeptic magazine has been published, with a feature devoted to the nature, history and misuse of free speech. Also featured are articles in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the Moon by Apollo 11 – what it means for science…

Britt Hermes successful in defamation lawsuit

Naturopath’s claims dismissed by German judge

Sydney Skeptics in the Pub – June 6 – Metafact

On June 6, the regular monthly Sydney Skeptics in the Pub event features Dr Ben McNeil, founder of Metafact, on the new website that offers expert responses to fact-checking questions on scientific topics. Finding the truth on the internet is difficult. Access to information is not the problem anymore –…