Canberra Skeptics

Why Science is Failing to Communicate – Dr Rod Lamberts – On Thursday, 13 August 2009 – Time: 6:00p.m. – Free admission

Melbourne Skeptics in the Pub

Monday August 17 Peter Bowditch, Immediate Past President of the Australian Skeptics NSW Branch and proprieter of The Millenium Project will discuss the antivaccination lobby. Peter will also be speaking to The Celestial Teapot in Mornington on Thursday evening 13 August and assisting Vic Skeptics and Young Australian Skeptics…

Beware the spinal trap

UK based science writer and communicator, Simon Singh is currently being sued for defamation (or libel) by the British Chiropractic Association.

The legal action stems from an article published by The Guardian Newspaper, in which Simon questioned the evidence for the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for colic in children. In a worldwide campaign, The Guardian article originally published in 2008, is to be republished across the world.

Homeopathy recognised as BS as early as 1851

On last week’s Think Tank, our new reporter Jo Benhamu discussed a letter published in the London journal of Medicine on July 29th, 1851 from a Dr John McCormack. It was entitled “Our Relations With Homeopathy” and was in response to speeches previously published regarding “…prevailing professional laxity and charlatanry,…

Mystery Investigators perform for Science Week.

Find out the science behind fire walking, beds of nails, water divining and more… Myth busting with Richard Saunders and Rachael Dunlop, as they perform Mystery Investigators as part of the ABCs Family Fun Day at Ultimo Science Festival. When: Saturday 29 August, 10am – 4pm. Where: ABC Foyer, 700…

More bad publicity for the anti-vax lobby

A scathing article written by Amanda Watt was published on July 18th, 2009 in the Brisbane Courier Mail QWeekend Magazine. Titled “The Eye of the Needle”, Amanda’s article was a scathing account of the damage being done by Australia’s anti-vaccination lobby, the Australian Vaccination Network. Amanda tells the story of…


The annual meeting of Australian Skeptics has been an institution for over 20 years. This year we will be heading for sunny Brisbane to enjoy presentations by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Dr Krissy Wilson, Associate Professor Tony Taylor, Dr Martin Bridgstock, Peter Ellerton, Barry Williams, Peter Macinnis, Rosemary Aird and The Skeptic Zone Podcast. Event date: 28th and 29th November 2009.

Skeptic Zone head to Perth

Perth in the Zone for Myth-Busting and more! International iTunes sensation and proactive online radio show for Science and Reason is presenting at the University of Western Australia. Talks by Richard Saunders and Dr Rachael Dunlop as heard on The Skeptic Zone Podcast. Saturday, 8th August 5.30pm – 7.30pm at…

Potholer54 on the Grand Canyon Design – Debunked!

Love this guy. Since I’m going over some older Skeptic Zone episodes, you might like to hear him being interviewed on: Potholder54 interviewed – The Skeptic Zone #9 – 19.Dec.2008. He’s Australian! Yay! Click here to read the full blog.

Concerns Raised about Naturopaths Prescribing Drugs in Canada

A large coalition of seven Canadian allergy organizations recently wrote to the British Columbia Minister of Health, George Abbott, protesting the plan to allow naturopaths to perform allergy testing and treatment. They make important comments about the serious potential impact on individual health as well as public health issues related…