Bent Spoon Nominations

The nominations for 2018 are:

Nominee: Quobba Fins

Nominated by: Ian Knight
Date: 14/4/2018

The manufacturer of the Quobba Thruster surfboard fin claims that “low pressure in front of the fin draws the surfboard strongly forward, increasing speed”. Any object will only influence upstream velocity to a certain extent, and the region around this stagnation zone will have a relative positive pressure. Even if a negative pressure could exist it would be countering the overall function of a planing hull which is to generate higher pressures to keep it lifted out of the water. As one of the Skeptics’ engineering consultants says: “If there was low pressure in front of the fins, it would be sucking the body of the board down, into the water.” Or as another consultant put it: “If the laws of fluid mechanics have changed that much, ships and aeroplanes will be able to ply the planet without the need for fuel.”

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Nominee: Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australian Government

Nominated by: Mal Vickers
Date: 27/6/2018

On March 6 the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), with assistance from the Australian Government, enshrined hundreds of alternative medicine pseudoscience claims in legislation. The Therapeutic Goods Act now includes a list of “Permissible Indications”, medical advertising claims that complementary medicine manufacturers can include on products to encourage purchase. Claims include: “Disinhibit Water”, “Balance Aggravated Vanta”, “Upraise/Lift Sunken Middle Qi” and (my personal favourite) “Moisten Dryness in the Triple Burner”. These advertising claims, now supported by legislation, are worse than misleading – they have no basis in reality. Products with these claims can sit alongside evidence-based products on Australian pharmacy shelves. The TGA and the Australian Government have set a place for themselves in history, alongside other legislators who, for example, have promoted creationism and banned Wi-Fi.
See the legislation and list here.

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