The $100,000 Challenge

Do you have psychic or paranormal powers? We don’t mean the illusion or trickery in stage magic, we mean things like extra sensory perception, telepathy, telekinesis, Reiki, divining for water or metals, clairvoyance and predicting the future.

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Skeptics challenge

Since 1980, Australian Skeptics has issued a challenge to people who claim to have extraordinary powers, to demonstrate their ability under proper observing conditions. The first person to do so will receive a great deal of recognition and prestige as well as meeting the requirements for the awarding of A$100,000.
We make this offer because we are sincere about seeking out the truth of claims that might be described as paranormal or that confront accepted laws of science. We see many such claims made by professed psychics, healers, witnesses to paranormal events and those selling devices which do the apparently ‘improbable’ or even ‘impossible’ (ie defy scientific laws). If there really is a way to generate free energy or read minds, to communicate with extraterrestrials or to tell the future, we want to tell the world, and in our own way give the claimant proper recognition.
On the other hand, if a claim is proved to be unfounded or fraudulent, we would reserve the right to expose this situation so that clients do not waste their money and time on a product or service that fails (and can only ever fail) to deliver what is claimed for it.
In either case, we think the public deserves and has the right to know the truth. Consequently, the Skeptics’ Challenge is a genuine and serious undertaking, and the A$100,000 award a genuine offer.

What do you have to do?

Naturally for this amount of money there are a few rules and conditions which apply. If you wish to try for the challenge you should contact us for full details. Briefly, this is what you have to do. You first apply in writing, telling us the following, very clearly and concisely;

1. What exactly is your paranormal claim

2. Under what conditions can you perform your claim

3. What success rate do you expect

Then and only then can we begin to design a test, one that is in accord with your claims. Representatives from Australian Skeptics will work with you to define a suitable, and mutually agreeable, test procedure and to select an independent umpire. The test will be run by an approved panel of officers of Australian Skeptics. If you are successful, you will be awarded A$100,000. The results of this test, whether successful or not, will be published in the Skeptic, the magazine of Australian Skeptics. The news media may also be invited to witness any tests .

Notes on the challenge

Australian Skeptics is a non-profit organisation so any costs involved have to be borne by the applicant unless we agree to other arrangements. If you would like to receive more information about the Challenge, please send an e-mail to the Challenge Coordinator or contact your local branch. See the contact page for email addresses.
Each test is tailored for the individual challenger. The challenger must assist with the design of the test in order that their specific ability is being properly tested. The rules are simple:

  • You must be a resident of Australia. For logistical reasons, we are unable to undertake tests with people in other countries, nor do we ask other countries’ skeptical groups to run formal testing on our behalf.
  • The test protocol is designed with the help of the challenger and, within the controls, is flexible. Only when both Australian Skeptics and the challenger are satisfied that the test is within the guidelines and can be successfully completed does the test go ahead. During the test an independent umpire is on hand to ensure the protocol is followed. This is a person agreeable to both the challenger and the Skeptics.
  • The challenger must beat million to one odds against a chance result.
  • The test must give a definite yes or no result.
  • If the challenger is found to be cheating, the test is terminated.
  • Following a successful test, the prize will be paid to the challenger and/or any person or organisation you may nominate.
  • The prize may be distributed in any way the successful challenger sees fit: to a trust, a charity or some other person. There is no need for the challenger to come in to contact with the money at all if he or she so chooses.
  • The money is offered in the genuine hope that we are able to advance the investigation into claims of the paranormal. Australian Skeptics does not seek to embarrass or ridicule anyone.