Convention Videos

Australian Skeptics have a long and proud tradition of holding national conventions. Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Hobart, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Canberra have all played host to local and international speakers.

Australian Skeptics have also been invited to speak at conventions around the world. Some of those talks are also included.

Thoughts and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Australian Skeptics Inc.

2012 TAM Las Vegas

SLAPP Writs: Barbra Streisand and the Skeptical Movement Video here
With Eran Segev

2007 Hobart

Convention Opening and Keynote Address Video here
With Sir Guy Green

Pharmacies – Feasting on Fat Video here
With Loretta Marron

Dubious Cancer Therapies Video here
With Prof. Barrie Cassileth

Cancer Quackery Video here
With Prof. Ray Lowenthal

Hume, Skepticism and Miracles Video here
With Prof. Jim Allan

Science and Environmental Activism Video here
With Sarah Wilks

2006 Melbourne

Convention Opening Video here
With Christopher Short

Why I’d rather have sex than gender Video here
With Annie Warburton

Climate Change Skeptics Video here
With Dr Kevin Hennessey

Trust me, I’m a Science Communicator Video here
With Dr Rob Morrison

A Skeptic’s Guide to the Newsroom Video here
With Leigh Dayton

Where is the truth needed? Video here
With Dr.Martin Bridgstock

Robyn vs God Video here
With Robyn Williams

Climate Change Video here
With Dr Graeme Pearman

Why the Media gets it Wrong Video here
With Dr Paul Willis

A Skeptic in the Classroom Video here
With Lynne Kelly

The Medical Doctor Website Video here
With With David Henry

Medicines, Money and the Media Video here
With Dr Stephen Basser

A Dermatologist’s Approach to Cosmetic Advertising Video here
With Rosemary Nixon

The Fossil Record – What Gaps? Video here
With Dr John Long

The Bent Spoon Award for 2006 Video here
With Loretta Marron

2005 Gold Coast

Convention Opening and Welcome Video here
With Barry Williams, Martin Hadley and Prof. Colin Keay

Magnetic Therapies Video here
With Loretta Marron

2004 Sydney

Welcoming Address Video here
With Richard Saunders and Barry Williams

Evolution Video here
Peter Bowditch introduces Dr Paul Wills, Dr Phil Plait, Dr David Millikan
and Dr Colin Groves who talk about the evidence for evolution.

Homeopathy Video here
Richard Saunders, Dr Steve Roberts and others talk about Homeopathy.

Health Care Video here
With David Brookman.

Teaching Skepticism Video here
With Cheryl Capra.

Energy Claims Video here
With Ian Bryce.

Flailing in the Undergrowth Video here
With Dr Martin Bridgestock.

2002 Melbourne

Sucker Bets Video here
With Roland Seidel

Being a Skeptic in India Video here
With Narndra Nayak

Confronting India’s Godmen Video here
With Narndra Nayak

The social impact of gambling in Australia Video here
With Rev. Tim Costello

Bent Spoon Award and Skeptic of the Year Video here
With Barry Williams and Richard Saunders

1988 Sydney

Welcoming Address, Bent Spoon Award
and Skeptics Journalism Award
Audio here
With Barry Williams

Psychic Challenges for 1988 Audio here
With Ian Bryce

Testing Paranormal Claims Audio here
With James Gerrand