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Skeptical materials for teachers

The materials, documents and links here are to save some time for school teachers who might need some assistance in explaining to students how the universe really is. Feel free to use any of this material as long as you acknowledge the source.

Skeptical education pamphlets

Skeptics believe that while it is not a total defence against exploitation, scientific literacy is a powerful weapon against the fraudster or the unscrupulous New Age entrepreneur. This is why we find ourselves increasingly supporting such STAV events as Stavcon, the Primary Science Teachers’ Conference and the Science Talent Search.

The discussion sheets have been aimed at the hypothetical “average year 10 student”, and are designed to be readily copied for use in the classroom. We hope that they are relevant and touch on issues that children know about and may already be dealing with; and we hope that they help to encourage rational thought processes when dealing with the alternatives. If you find this material useful, or would like to register other comments or concerns, please email us at

Darwin Day

February 12 is the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, and each year we try to do something to commemorate it. The following documents were created by the Victorian branch and may be of use to teachers who would like to use the occasion to tell students about one of the most important theories explaining how the world works.

Charles Darwin Crossword

Most of the clues in this crossword relate to the life, times and work of Charles Darwin. Aimed at intermediate to Senior Secondary students. (Solution)

Charles Darwin Cryptogram

A relatively simple cryptogram which decodes to a brief and simple statement of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Also contains some guidelines and some assistance in cryptogram solving. For Senior Primary and Secondary students. (Solution)

Charles Darwin Word Search

A word search puzzle for intermediate and Senior Primary to Junior Secondary students. (Solution)

Charles Darwin’s Biography

A short biography by Rob Brown

Relevant links

Description of all Darwin Day files
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Public Speakers

Australian Skeptics can provide speakers for school functions or to address specific issues. Please see the Contact page for the appropriate email address.

Another resource can be found with our friends, The Mystery Investigators, who have an entertaining stage presentation illustrating how skepticism fits into the science curriculum.