James Randi in Australia – 1980

In 1980, Dick Smith invited James ‘The Amazing’ Randi to visit Australia to conduct a definitive test into the claims of water diviners.

This event is credited as one of the factors that lead to the creation of Australian Skeptics.

In July 1980, Dick Smith and I engaged in a series of tests of dowsers—diviners of water, metal, etc—in Sydney. For weeks, prior to the tests, we exchanged long letters discussing protocol and physical design. By the time I reached Australia the Prize money for a successful demonstration of dowsing had mounted to $40,000 from a modest beginning with my own offer of $10,000.
– James Randi

You can read the whole report of this adventure from the pages of In the Beginning – The first 5 years of The Skeptic. Just link the link and look under ‘Divining’. (pdf)

Victorian Skeptics and the Bed of Nails – 2009

A short presentation about how a bed of nails works, emphasizing science instead of magic. Filmed at Scienceworks museum in Melbourne. Made by the Australian Skeptics (Victorian Branch).

James Randi in Sydney – 2000

At the World Skeptics Convention III, James Randi gave the keynote address.

The Mighty Mitta Muster Water Divining Test – 2002

In March 2002, Richard Saunders, wearing his video production hat, headed for the tiny town of Mitta Mitta in northern Victoria to document the Australian Skeptics as they conducted yet another test into the claims of water diviners.

TAM 6 Water Divining – How to test the claim

In 2008, Richard Saunders was a guest speaker at The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas. Here he shows the audience one way to test the claims of water diviners. This test is ideal for the classroom, in any country.

Video courtesy of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Australian Skeptics make a pit for Fire Walking

Dr Steve Roberts and Richard Saunders spend an afternoon making a fire pit for Dr Karl. Will he make it across?

Mass Spoon Bending

Australian Skeptics re-live the 1970s with one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Challenge to “Energy Therapy”

Ellen Allen responds to Australian Skeptics on the short-lived ABC TV show ‘Second Opinion’. This show went on to win the Bent Spoon Award for 2005.

Challenge to Milton Black

Richard Saunders puts the challenge to Astrologer Milton Black on the Sunrise show in 2009.

Applied Kinesiology

The Skeptic Zone Podcast showing you ‘How It’s Done’.

Power Balance amazing claims investigated

Australian Skeptics take a close look at more amazing claims.

A selection of Australian Skeptics Videos

Videos of Australian Skeptics from conventions, TV and more. Click here.