Chiropractic profession outperforms all others on number of complaints

CBA report: chiropractors constituted 44.6% of statutory offence matters against all medical practitioners across Australia.

Chiropractor found guilty of making false claims of curing cancer

But hundreds more need to be dealt with say Skeptic campaigners

Chiro Board responds to Skeptics’ concerns

Inconsistency in actions taken against chiros acting outside of industry rules and regulations

Chiropractor charged with false advertising

AHPRA charges unnamed NSW chiro with misleading advertising

Chiro defence of paediatric care questioned

Prof Ken Harvey has alerted AHPRA to video based on “disproven dogma”.

Vic Health Minister calls for action on chiro regulation

Second State Health Minister to raise complaints following public outcry

Chiro Board says “toe the line” or else

The chiropractic industry regulator says those making false and misleading claims risk prosecution and disciplinary action.

Head of COAG Health Council puts hard word on AHPRA & CBA – update

Letter from SA Health Minister Jack Snelling demands answers on the effectiveness of chiropractic oversight by official bodies.

“Ineffective” Chiro Board should be sacked

Lack of effective action by the Chiropractic Board of Australia and AHPRA to on-going complaints of misleading advertising elicits the strongest response.