Review finds Wilyman anti-vax PhD “incomplete”, “biased” and “flawed”

A critical appraisal by researchers finds controversial thesis is influencing anti-vax decisions despite “outright misrepresentation of facts”

Nursing board warns anti-vax members

Breaches of professional code will be treated “seriously” with possible prosecution

Vaxxed publicity still

Infamous anti-vaxxer doco coming to Australia (updated)

Vaxxed is slated to be shown at the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival, CLIFF.

The 2009 Richard Dawkins award goes to Bill Maher, anti-vaxer.

The Richard Dawkins Award is chosen every year by the Atheist Alliance International (AAI) and awarded to the most outstanding atheist. This year the award went to the comedian Bill Maher for his film “Religulous” which was a no-holes barred analysis of the dangers of religion. It has since been…