NHMRC releases 2012 draft homeopathy report

2012 report subject of conspiracy theories from homeopathy supporters

Govt rejects recommendation on homeo products in pharmacies

King Review recommended that complementary medicines be separated on pharmacy shelves and homeopathic products barred

“Illegal” for health funds to support some ‘natural’ therapies

Government reform drops public health insurance subsidy from a range of alt med treatments

Update – the missing homeopathy submission

Growing international activism re homeopathy ‘submission’ against NHRMC report, but questions about its existence still exist in Australia.

TGA’s list of medical indications full of pseudoscience

Proposed product descriptions enshrine nonsensical concepts

Homeopathic teething tablets recalled

TGA has advised that the products, which contain belladonna, should be returned to their place of purchase.

US FTC says homeopathy marketing claims “likely misleading and in violation of Act”

Efficacy and safety claims are to be held to the same standard as other OTC drug claims

Edzard Ernst on why he changed his mind about homeopathy

Noted skeptic interviewed by BBC on the price he’s paid for not believing in pseudomedicine

World Homeopathic Awareness Week

April 10th marks the 258th birthday of the Samuel Hahnemann the progenitor of Homeopathy. Fittingly it is also the beginning of World Homeopathic Awareness Week which has been celebrated internationally since 2005. The theme for the 2013 Awareness Week is “Homeopathy for Trauma & Disasters”. In a colourful and cheery brochure,…