John Cunningham awarded OAM for science and immunisation

Australian Skeptics congratulate Mr John Cunningham on being granted a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to medicine and the promotion of immunisation in the 2016 Australia Day awards. Mr Cunningham is an Australian-trained orthopaedic surgeon, practising in Melbourne. He specialises in the treatment of spinal disorders….

UoW experts unite behind evidence supporting immunisation

Statement by Uni Wollongong academics supports science-based evidence in face of controversial PhD thesis

Muddied waters: setting the record straight about MMR vaccinations and autism

There’s a temporal link between autism being diagnosed and children getting several vaccinations. Photo credit: nealeanddalissa/Flickr The lack of scientific literacy in the media causes much harm to public understanding of the role and importance of vaccines. The latest instance revives the same old fears using the same formula that…

Dick Smith funds pro-vaccination advertisement.

Dick Smith has funded an advertisement placed in a national newspaper, The Australian, written by Australian Skeptics to alert parents to the dangers of the Australian anti-vaccination lobby. Known as the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), this group spreads misinformation and falsehoods about the safety and effectiveneness of vaccines. “Dick Smith…

Important information for parents: the facts about vaccination.

Immunisation saves lives. Since the humble observations about cowpox made by Edward Jenner in the 1700s, vaccination programs have saved millions of lives and dramatically decreased child mortality and suffering. Diseases such as smallpox are now consigned to history, while polio has virtually disappeared. But sadly there are some people…