Obituary: James Randi, the “skeptics’ skeptic”

James Randi, probably the world’s most famous and certainly one of the most influential skeptics, has passed away in the US. He was aged 92. The James Randi Foundation has said that his death was due to “age-related causes”. Randi had suffered from health issues for a number of years,…

“Top clairvoyant” refuses Skeptics’ $100,000 challenge

Ruthie Phillips, self-professed “Australia’s Top Clairvoyant-Medium” says psychics can’t be 100% accurate – “it’s an inexact science”.

Dead seer’s predictions promoted in News online

Here’s an embarrassing story from, about a long-dead Bulgarian prophetess who appeared to have seen ISIS coming

Canberra Skeptics: Get off that Armchair and Change the World! – Skeptical Activism in Action

Speaker: Richard Saunders Date: 14 November 2011 Time: 6:00-7:30pm Location: Optus Lecture Theatre, CSIRO Discovery Science Centre, Clunies Ross Street Acton ACT 2601 Free Admission Richard Saunders will give an overview of some of the recent success achieved by skeptical activism, including the downfall of the Power Balance company in…

Richard Saunders talks astrology on Sunrise

Do you read your horoscope? Do you think the stars can predict your future? Perhaps you think your astrologer is incredibly accurate? Richard Saunders Vice President, goes head to head with Milton Black, “Australia’s Leading Astrologer and Psychic” (ref) on Sunrise and challenges claims that they can “navigate you through…