Gullibility survey

Skeptics can submit to a university study to help people avoid being scammed

Free tickets to Ben Goldacre talk – winners announced

Answer the questions to win – it’s as easy as 1 – 2– 3.

Chiro Board responds to Skeptics’ concerns

Inconsistency in actions taken against chiros acting outside of industry rules and regulations

ANZAAS medal for Ken Harvey

One of Australia’s leading campaigners against pseudo medicine is awarded the prestigious science medal.

Skeptics survey: party policies for Federal election

In a survey of a range of topics of interest to Skeptics, only the Australian Sex Party responded in full.

Sydney dinner – Secrets of the Psychics

In preparation for a visit by ‘psychic medium’ John Edward to Australia, we’re thrilled to have a special event for our next dinner – a double act with a demonstration of psychic powers by self-professed ‘psychic’ Nelly Klyne, and an explanation of psychic skills by Richard Saunders, judge of the…

Canberra Skeptics: An Introduction to MPS (Management PseudoScience): Or Why a Hard Nose is No Protection for a Soft Head

A Canberra Skeptics Lecture Speaker: John Smyrk Date: 13 December 2011 Time: 6:00-7:30pm Location: Optus Lecture Theatre, CSIRO Discovery Science Centre, Clunies Ross Street Acton ACT 2601 Free Admission The field of management has provided particularly rich soil for the cultivation and propagation of nonsense.  This observation lies in sharp…