NSW Parliament: No conscientious objection to vaccination

Anti-vax rally in Sydney fails to sway pro-vaccination politicians

Combination MMRV vaccines second-dose cleared of risk of febrile seizures

Research into the health effects of the second dose of combination MMRV vaccines has found no association with any increase risk of febrile seizures.

Italian government makes childhood vaccination compulsory

The Italian government has given final approval to mandating a list of childhood vaccinations for school children up to the age of 16. Under these new requirements, parents must present proof of vaccinations to gain admission into preschools, while parents of children of mandatory school age face fines of up…

Chiro group distances itself from anti-vaxxers

The Chiropractors Association of Australia demands AVsN removes online link and stresses it supports vaccination

Dr Google and Mr Yahoo – searching for vax info

Search engine results show predominantly pro-vaccination sites, but content is often difficult to understand and non-transparent

Vaxxed publicity still

Infamous anti-vaxxer doco coming to Australia (updated)

Vaxxed is slated to be shown at the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival, CLIFF.

Aust Sex Party gives a serve to anti-vaxers

The Australian Sex Party has told the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network what it thinks of anti-vaxers, in no uncertain terms.

Conflict among Wilyman PhD examiners

“Serious concerns” and “very critical” comments made on anti-vaccination thesis that claims pro-vaccination conspiracies on a global scale.

UoW experts unite behind evidence supporting immunisation

Statement by Uni Wollongong academics supports science-based evidence in face of controversial PhD thesis

Queensland childcare operator says “no jab, can play”

Queensland’s biggest childcare organisation will not ban children who are not vaccinated.